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SUICIDE - based on true realities ...

In times of increasing virtualization of our emotions, people thirst for true authentic stories that are written by life itself, stories that we use to orientate ourselves and whose characters we can identify with.


SUICIDE is based on true realities, a story between life and death, guilt and forgiveness, despair and hope.


A chance meeting between two people in picturesque Seville will change the lives of the two protagonists forever ...



The book is currently only available in German. 

Inquiries by publishers or literary agents are welcomed. Stefan Lange, all rights reserved.

Special Remarks


Play: The book SUICIDE was adapted in 2016 by a Munich theatre director for the stage and successfully performed several times. An agent is currently examining the possibilities of a nationwide distribution in Germany. For the theatre trailer (german), please click here!

Video Reading: Stefan Lange´s YouTube-reading channel features a 20-part video reading at the book´s original scenes of action. Accompany Stefan Lange on a journey from Münster to Seville and Lake Constance (language: german). For more info, please click here!


YouTube series: The SUICIDE based 60-part YouTube biography series »Komm, lieber Tod« (engl.: »Come dear death«) has already received over 1,5 million video views on the german YouTube-channel zqnce and received an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience. Please find below an introduction of 6 episodes with english subtitles: 


»Come, dear death« - 60 part YouTube-series about suicide and death wishes 

  over 1.5 millionen video views 

Synopsis of Suicide 

(original language: german, 300 pages)


Stefan wakes up in his room after a dream. It is the (planned) penulitmate day of his life, October 18th, 1994. Stefan is calm and composed. He smokes a cigarette at the window and follows the hustle and bustle of the street. It could be a very normal day in his life. For a moment he feels the intense sensation of being alive, rarely has he felt is as clearly and as plainly as he does this morning.


Stefan pushes the thought away with all his might. He packs his travel bag an goes to the cafeteria to strengthen himself for a long drive. Whether his neighbours at the table clearly notice that a man who has finished with everything is next to them? After lunch, Stefan leaves. 

Once again, he asks himself when the wish for death had overwhelmed him. Had everything started with a trip to Seville?

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SUICIDE - a story made for the screen and the stage !


Get more infos about the target audience, and learn why this book should me made into a movie or theatre play. What makes it so suitable for the screen/stage?


The brochure comprises the long synopsis of SUICIDE, the logline and much more background information.


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